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." the republican-controlled house passed the budget this week that repeals and defunds obama care, but in the senate, a measure to repeal obama care was voted down. yuma? >> molly, thank you very much. >>> overseas now, and growing concerns in syria after rulers this week of a possible chemical weapons attack in that country. this video was released by syrian government which claims it shows victims of a rebel chemical weapons attack that claim has not been independently verified at this time. but president obama has said that the use of chemical weapons would be "a game changer." so is it time for the u.s. to step in and use military force? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, democratic congressman adam schiff and republican congressman peter king. gentlemen, welcome. great to see you both today. >> good to see both of you. >> congressman king, let me begin with you. the president calls this a game changers, if confirmed that sir gentleman using chemical weapons right now. what does that specifically mean to you? >> well, first of all if they are using them, and it's b
and his administration and obama had to pull us out of that. nobody was complaining about hutdown and all these problems that happened. host: we'll leave it there. guest: republicans were hitting deficit spending that the budget that the cr isn't addressing the deficit problem. you put two words on a credit card and didn't pay for them and that's why we have deficit. the war funding is an interesting element. it was a fight between democrats and republicans. democrats cut spending. how they arrived at savings in their bument and republicans said those numbers aren't realistic. host: trnt republicans say thrg have been increases in spending by the obama administration at pushed the debt from five or six years ago guest: how much debt there was when president obama came to office and how much debt there is now. that is the consistent argument it's getting worse. when you compare the ryan budget to the senate democrats budget there is a different pace of spending, both of them increase spending over time but the democrats by a lot more. host: go ahead bob. caller: we won't really know what's
point. we know what president obama's priorities are in the budget. he's been talking about it nonstop for his first term and nonstop during this campaign. and by the way, the majority of americans, the american public, agree with his priorities on the budget. it's one of the reasons why he got re-elected. and so i think right now the focus moving forward is going to be where can we come together? amy made an interesting point about how ted cruz and rand paul did not go with this budget because it wasn't conservative enough. i think republicans have to focus on the fact that they have to get with priorities of the american people. american people agree that there does need to be additional tax revenue on the table before we completely put the hatchet on programs that middle class americans and that poorest and most vulnerable are programs they depend upon. it's all about moderation and how we do this with actually compromising and people like ted cruz and rand paul are not for compromise. the majority of americans are. >> i'm sorry your princeton tigers aren't in it. ivy league upset f
disability. i think it goes beyond just fixing the budget. as far as health care and obama care, as far as going beyond fixing the budget like health care. i live in a very economically depressed area. you almost have to be wealthy or have real good insurance where you can see a dentist. that should be included with health care. guest: you mentioned medicare and social security. these are things they will talk about in the next few months. we talk about changing the cpi or the way payments are made or the eligibility age or changing medicare as a voucher system. these are things they will talk about and it goes beyond the budget and it is part of the budget. without these changes, they don't think they can have federal help. host: in "the baltimore sun" - guest: that's a big complaint we heard during the budget process produced -- the republican said in the first year of the democratic budget would do with very little to fix the problems. there was a proposal to switch to biennial budgeting. having a long-term plan that means something that they can change the next year takes broad cons
on some small things. they agreed to biannual budgeting. they actually took apart a piece of the obama health care bill. there was some small individual pieces even of bipartisan agreement. that's the good news. the bad news is that when you compare what the senate has done with what the house has done, we're looking at about a $5 trillion difference in those two budgets. it is really difficult to see how they're going to get to a place of agreement on a huge spread like that. this is not a group of people that's good at splitting the difference. the house gets rid of the obama health care bill entirely. the senate, as you said, has a trillion dollars in tax increases. i don't really know where they find the middle ground in there but at least they have a budget to work with and that is at least progress these days. >> okay. fro gres is agree, but susan, republicans who have been clamoring for senate democrats to at least propose a budget, zero republicans voted for it. is it all an exercise in futility. >> four democrats voted against it, too. so they've had four years and harry reid
trillion nearly. and if all this is not enough number crunching for you president obama is expected to release his budget plan in early april. of course, we will take a look and report. >>> europe holding its collective breath time as the nation of cypress teethers on bankruptcy. a lot of wealthy europeans particularly russians park their money in cyprus bank. if the financial system fails. they will be asked to foot the bill for the bailout of the bank. we started seeing how they might pay with talk of a 20% tax on bank deposits. a chance the banks to collapse by tuesday there. >> reporter: harris that is absolutely right. unless there is a bailout deal and reportedly that could be closer tonight. as angry protesters kept up the pressure outside of government offices officials reportedly agreed to those levies on bank accounts. i'm curious is a run on the banks rather still expected even if they reach a bailout dial at this point? >> yeah, harris. that is a fear. we have been and they are nervous about the money in the banks and seven say they are planning to go to the bank doors a
and real objective reporting. will anything change? . taking a page out of the obama sequester scare play book, a top democratic leader is accused of trying to tie the budget cuts to the deaths of american marines, most in the media missed this as well. a new book out about our fox news chief. what kind of attention do you think that's getting? >> writer and contributor judy miller. cal thomas. jim pinkerton, american conservative magazine and he will enratner, talk radio service. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> i believe that israel is rooted not just in history and tradition, but also in a simple and profound idea. the idea that people deserve to be free in a land of their own. the palestinian people's right to self-determination, their right to justice must be recognized. put yourself in their shoes and look at the world through their eyes. it is not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. . >> jon: president obama speaking to a primarily jewish audience in jerusalem on thursday, be a major trip to the middle east which had some critics i
some domestic programs that were targeted for cuts by house republicans. the senate budget, which reflects priorities, will now square off against the republican budget passed by the house of representatives. >>> happening now, president obama will head back to washington later today after wrapping up a visit in the middle east. before he leaves, the president will travel to jordan's renowned ancient city of petra. he announced an aid package of $200 million for jordan to help the kingdom cope with the influx of refugees fleeing the deadly violence in syria. most of his trip was spent trying to reassure israelis he is committed to their security. >>> authorities in brazil releasing a startling report on that nightclub fire that killed nearly 250 people earlier this year. the report identifies 35 people as, quote, responsible for the tragedy, and concludes that a number of factors contributed to the deadly blaze. authorities now say they plan to file murder charges, citing irregularities with safety permits. the report says inspectors failled to take action against the club before
, frank lautenberg, didn't even vote at all. and president obama will be releasing his own budget in april. "the washington post" is reporting that a lawyer in the dominican republic was frying to pay prostitutes to say they had sex with senator bob me mendez. >>> president obama is on his way home from the middle east. he's set to arrive back to the white house around 9:00 tonight, but he left one member of his party behind. secretary of state john kerry is continuing talks with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and talking with palestinian prime minister mahmoud abbas. >>> there are new struggles facing the nation's public education system. chicago officials announced friday a mass closing of elementary schools. by next year, they'll shut down 54 schools. 30,000 children will be affected. but the challenges facing chicago schools are hardly unique. many big cities are struggling to cope with population declines and tight budgets at the same time. today, nbc news took "education nation" on the road to detroit. the event is designed to spark discussions about new efforts to improve
'm arthel nevil. >> the senate passing itself on the back after approving the first budget in four years, is washington celebrating as to? >> and president obama is warning of an extremist threat in syria and the syrian government could be using chemical weapons against its own people. >> extreme weather bearing down. as a massive and potentially dangerous weather system hits. we'll show you where it is headed. >> terry: first a milestone for the health law. >> remember this, president obama signing the giant piece of legislation into law back in 2010 but any birthday celebrations may be kept low key because the law seems as controversial as ever. now there are new signs that political fight over it could be heating up yet again. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> dueling opinions on the impact of obamacare and whether it's been a boon or a boondoggle for americans and americans businesses. president obama says the law protects americans from insurance company abuses and suggests the law is saving people money. president said in a statement, quote, millions of seniors ar
expectations for this trip low, mr. obama is coming home with diplomatic cous. mr. obama will be coming home to a just passed senate budget proposal. it squeaked through the democratic-controlled senate by a razor thin vote of 50-49, that happened at 5:00 in the morning here all but four democrats voted in favor of the plan which would increase taxes by $1 trillion over the next decade, all the republican senators opposed it. >>> north carolina is aunnoing a new look for license issued to some undocumented immigrants. the licenses will look similar to traditional licenses, but will carry the words "legal presence, no lawful status." north carolina drew fire over the original licenses which had a pink stripe across the card, some critics compared it to a scarlet letter. >>> in new york the event starts at noon at the vietnam veterans memorial plaza in manhattan. >>> investigators trying to see if the dead ex-conhad any involvement of a murder in january. evan ebel died after a shoot-out in texas with police that was thursday. police are focusing on the car which fits the description of the ve
at journal" 7:00 eastern here on c-span. "newsmakers,"on we talk about spending and the budget and the debate over gun legislation with tom coburn. he will not seek a third term in 2013. president obama continued the first trip of his second term visiting israel, the west bank, and to jordan and met with king abdallah of jordan. they spoke to reporters. he said jordan is housing 460,000 refugees and expects the number to double by the end of the year. the president said the u.s. will provide $2 million in aid to jordan. >> we discussed syria and are horrified by loss of life. about extremely concerned the conflict. >> i remember you were here when you were a senator. i hope you are enjoying your second term. we are delighted to have these discussions. they were very, very fruitful on the strategic partnership. we are very grateful to you, sir, and the administration, as well as congress for the continued support as has been shown over so many years. and this partnership throughout the years has provided us to get to where we are today. and we continue that you will continue to help us secure
. the congressional budget act of 1974 was signed into law. we will be taking that up with the "a-team." angela mcglowan, james toronto and doug schoen. our first guest is here to evaluate obama's middle east tour. today's focus on the enormous price on jordan as a result of the syrian civil war. joining me now is judith miller and quivered clifford may. it is a very big positive impression with this to her, if not a concrete result. >> it was an extraordinary tour. the israelis called it a thermo nuclear charm offensive. talk about a restart in a relationship that was crying out. basicallthe president figured out do you attract more bees with honey in a country like israel who did everything he had to do to put a relationship on course. lou: wasn't he inconsistent to be talking about peace in the middle east? at the same time that he was threatening bashar al-assad and a wrong? >> yes, but they are both provocative. they are both belligerent. they are destabilizing forces and have been for years. he understands that the israelis are reliable allies, valuable allies in many ways. they are in a
amendments on the keystone xl pipeline. there were amendments on the medical tax device that pays for obama care. there are amendments on all sorts of things that don't have to do with the budget. so it was as political as it was about policy last night. >> yeah. but amie, you know, democrats passing this first budget in four years here, how significant is that? and what does it call for? >> well, it's significant just like andy said. it's sort of all politics at play. but you know, it's so vastly different from what the republicans in the house want. so i don't think -- and it's different than what the president wants. so i think that list just posturing. you know patty murray expressed optimism. she said that they might be able to bridge that divide. but i'm rather skeptical of that, alex. >> yeah, i'm curious, andy, why do you think? because you've got one being passed by the democratically controlled senate, and then you've got the house, or the gop control, do you think there's any chance these two extreme budgets in terms of their perspectives, will be mitigated and something will be
into office, five or six years ago? point to the trend, how much was there when obama came into office and how much there is now. when you look at what republicans are arguing about the budget, the ryan budget, the senate democrats budget, there .s a different pace of spending increased spending over time. , our linein indiana for republicans. caller: good morning. we won't really know what is in this thing until the cover is pulled out. we can't trust the media to tell us the truth. you should really -- we have politico on, you should mention if you have a conservative outfit on, you will say that they are conservative. never with politico, which is a , based onwing outfits msnbc. 85% biased.s it is thank you and have a wonderful day. i would say just call it like it is and run down the middle. wisconsin, ours independent line. just calling about the obamacare and also about the deficit in the united states. my feeling is, many workers across america have lost their insurance and have lower wages because of company downsizing and lower profits. we still pay government workers high wages and g
, the thoughts of president obama three months after the sandy hook elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. >>> an exhausted senate finally passed a budget after a stroint middle of the night. >> the ayes are 50, the nays are 49, and the concurrent resolution is agreed to. >> the vote was for the most part down party lines. the budget poses a trillion dollars in tax increases with modest spending cuts. it is going to go to the republican controlled house where all expectations are that it will be rejected. republican senators had proposed dozens of amendments. >>> it's a least rare occurrence in history. this morning more than 1,000 people gathered outside the papal retreat near rome. they were hoping to catch a glimpse of pope francis. he went there to eat lunch with his predecessor. vatican observers say they may discuss security leaks. >>> rosemary, i gotta tell you, allergies are killing me. >> spring has sprung. you are right, we are going to have another beautiful day out there. temperatures will be on the mild side and in some cases, will reach near 70 degrees. the offi
-- >> the senate has passed a budg budget. >> alisyn: and voting on dozens of amendments and ending with the budget vote. the budget has no chance of becoming a law, but it more of a document outlining the democrats' priorities. and president obama wrapping up his four-day tour of the middle east in jordan and opens broker an apology from prime minister of bengjamin netanyahu to the usualish that happened in 2010. our ed henry will join us at the bottom of the hour with the latest on the president's trip and we want to bring now a live look at castle gandolfo outside of r huge crowds are gathered for a us precedented meeting. newly elected pope francis is meeting with pope benedict xvi. and pope francis shocked a newspaper stand owner in argentina this week when he personally called to cancel his subscription. the owner thought it was a prank until the new pope said, seriously, it's jorge bergoglio, i'm calling you from rome. (laughter) all right. and also you were seeing-- >> tracking it all night on twitter, fired up about the meteor that struck along the east coast, people from north carolina al
to the people of jordan. president obama have the dinner tonight with king abdullah gang continue to petra for beginning his trip back to the united states. the senate is in session tonight working on the 2014 federal budget. and holding votes on an unlimited number of amendments. more than 500 amendments have been offered and the senate could be in session into the early hours of morning. after the vote, they will begin their spring recess last two weeks. he can watch the senate on c- span2. >> monday night on first ladies, called in bigamist and adulterer during her husband's 1828 presidential campaign, ray told jackson dies of a heart attack before andrew l. jackson takes office. his knees because the white house hostess but his later dismissed -- his niece becomes the white house hostess but is later dismissed. we will include your questions and comments by phone, facebook and twitter by monday night at eastern on c-span and c-span3. also on skis and radio and c- remains the by the imam -- ahead of parliamentary elections. backed by president mohammad marcy and groups -- as a
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)